Being unconvinced that revealing personal information on the Internet is wise, or that social networking is of any real value to me, I intend to retain some small measure of anonymity.  Rather than talking about myself, I’ll describe the point of this blog.  

  Proposing that the vast majority of people in our modern society represent the antithesis of self-reliant individuals, I reluctantly would have to include myself in that tally in certain situations.   American and European “nanny cultures” have succeeded in breeding creatures that expect their needs to be provided for and problems to be solved by external sources alone.  We expect fresh, sterile and even cooked food to always be available.  We expect and get water, power and sanitation from urban utilities, law and order at the beckon of an emergency phone call, instantaneous healthcare from experts, mass information and entertainment from media and so on.   We do not appreciate how artificial and precarious our “civilization” truly is.   By and large we would not react well if our comforts were interrupted, if even for an instant.  Historically, the typical post adolescent individual has never been as clueless, as helpless or as truly apathetic as he or she is now.   Our apathy, this growing interdependence and disassociation with things natural is being exported vigorously about the globe.

   Some day, this relatively luxurious existence with which many of us are acquainted, might be flipped upside-down.  While only a masochist would advocate a return to a more primitive existence, it seems a greater idiocy to be so utterly dependent upon civilization’s frills.  The proposition is made that the state of ‘western civilization’ is presently artificial and precarious.  Therefore simple and realistic information about the physical world may again become useful to individuals of the near future.   The obvious but under-appreciated advantage that a printed book has over an Internet web page is that the enduring physical book can be read even if there is no artificially generated electrical power to be had.

* Most familiar Latin phrases can be quickly interpreted  by “Google-ling” them from the search line of a browser.  The header tagline “naturam expellas furca, tamen usque recurret” is Latin, meaning the equivalent of:  ‘you can try to chase out nature with a pitchfork – but it will hurry back’.   The  post in this blog will be topics that deal with the physical and natural world .   I propose to discuss practical down to earth subjects; not emotions, celebrities, politics or whimsical minutia.


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